Cztech provides various services in order to provide accurate and durable prototypes according to different customer needs.  In fact, it supports the rapid prototyping also preparatory processes of 3D modeling and post-finishing processes of the pieces.

Cztech fornisce svariati servizi per poter offrire prototipi accurati e resistenti secondo le diverse esigenze del cliente. Alla prototipazione rapida infatti affianca anche processi preparatori di modellazione 3D e  post-lavorazioni di finitura dei pezzi.


protitipoIt is the process by which Cztech can provide physical models very quickly, thanks to the technology of three-dimensional printing FDM and through CNC processing. it is possible with this technique from three-dimensional CAD files and get in a few hours, by deposition of thin layers of molten polymer, with exceptional features prototypes.


2D drafting and 3D modeling

modello 3dMGboX offers a chance to get even a prototype for those customers who do not own a 3D source files. Many are in fact the companies that work only with two-dimensional drawings, paper or digital. For this reason MGboX proposes a 2D drawing conversion service in the three-dimensional CAD models, for the purposes of rapid prototyping. 3D modeling can also be done from scratch for those without designs but only an idea of departure. In this case MGboX alongside the 3D modeling also a  service for the realization of 2D technical drawings.


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