CZtech is a company of the province of Salerno specialized in designing, 3D prototyping, design and manufacture. It is able to build your project in its entirety, from the initial idea to the three-dimensional model, the structural tables to manuals, from presentation to render the final product by machining with CNC and 3D printing.

We are born with the aim to realize the ideas by exploiting new technologies and creating objects and low-cost prototypes with unique design and unattainable by other methods.

Our Target

We appeal to anyone who wants to see realized their idea! Our customers can be individuals, architectural firms and engineering firms, goldsmiths and jewelry designers or gadget designers, operators of the automotive industry, advertising agencies, students, designers, dentists, special parts filmmakers for racing vehicles anyone involved in tuning. So we turn to anyone thinking something that wants to see implemented at low cost, to their satisfaction, which has need for a single copy or who wants to realize thousands of pieces in series.

What we realize

Planning – Rapid Prototyping – Industrial design-3D print – Sheet Metal Design – Structural – Feasibility studies and production – Render – entries Photo – 2D tables – Product Manuals – Construction Manuals – Production of products using CNC and 3D printing – Engraving

We create by your idea, real objects using the 3D printing technology.
A simple sketch on plain paper or a 2D or 3D file is enough to see the project realized.
You can create anything, from keychains to cover smartphone, the model of a building to the particular car tuning, as a paperweight to a soldier.
The imagination has no limits and it’s all feasible!
In university environment, you can add value to an exam or dissertation presenting not only the project, or the classic slides, but bringing the realized. Success is guaranteed.

Why choose us?

Because it distinguishes us the special attention and customer service: from the initial project, we will define with you a path of collaboration, in coordination with you regularly on the progress of work, and we enable you to follow and monitor it at every stage of constructive development. This way you can quickly give your possible suggestions, changes and revisions, with the intent to fully meet your needs and ensure an outcome to your liking total.

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